Exploring non fiction books

To support our learning about dinosaurs, we have enjoyed sharing the non fiction books that the children brought in from home…dinosaurs galore!

Tasty treats

Today we had a treat in the Rainbow Fish Class, as the children were able to buy and sell real cakes in our role play bakery to enjoy at snack time!

Mission Aviation Fellowship

What an amazing day for Seabrook School! We had a visit from MAF who told us all about the fantastic work they carry out all over the world to help those in need, before letting the children explore a real plane in our playground! Wow!

Seabrook Bakery is open for business!

Today the Rainbow Fish really enjoyed exploring our new role play bakery in class!

Punctuality Pup

Well done to the Rainbow Fish who won Punctuality Pup again this week!

Super shoppers

This week the Rainbow Fish have been introduced to money, learning through a range of practical activities what the different coins look like and what they are worth.

To apply their knowledge of money, we opened a fruit and vegetable shop this morning, where the children had the opportunity to buy their snacks to eat during a Discovery Time!

Children in Need

Raising money for Children in Need….

Discovery Time

The Rainbow Fish have been busy applying their maths and phonics knowledge during Discovery Time today…

Rainbow Fish

This week we are sharing the story of Rainbow Fish and have been learning to retell the story by drawing a class story map and retelling the story to a friend. We also took part in some hot seating, where one child pretended to be a character from the story while their friends asked them questions about their actions or feelings in the story.

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