Pick your own pumpkin!

Today the children have been enjoying exploring the pumpkin patch that sprouted up in our garden! During Discovery Time they chose their pumpkins before digging them up and paying at the till. Some of the children chose to be customers and some chose to be the pumpkin sellers – there was so much wonderful mathematical language being used around weight, size and money….what a fun day!


This term the children have been looking at different ways of travelling over apparatus and today they were practising jumping off and landing safely.

How goes the work?

This week we have shared the story of ‘Farmer Duck’ by Martin Waddell. During their Discovery Time some of the children chose to play in the small world farm, planting and harvesting vegetables or acting out the story.

Making bread

What a fantastic day we have had making bread, just like the Little Red Hen did! The children were amazed to see what happened to the bread after we had left it to prove in the warm….exciting changes before our eyes!

Fun Factory

The Rainbow Fish enjoyed meeting our visitors from Shepway Sports Trust who put the children thought their paces wi a range of jumping, balancing and running games!

Merit Cup

Well done to this Rainbow Fish who won the Merit Cup today!

Science Week

What a fantastic way to end Seabrook Science Week! The whole school joined in with a carousel of exciting experiments in every classroom this morning, including making lava lamps, creating Skittles rainbows, launching exploding fizzy drink rockets outside, making quicksand and erupting volcanoes to name but a few! Hopefully the children will be inspired to create their own scientific experiments at home this weekend!

Signs of Autumn

The Rainbow Fish have been enjoying exploring the signs of Autumn that they have been collecting outside of school….

Wiggly Wild Workshop!

We had lots of fun meeting the special visitors to our school today…what a fun and informative day!

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Harvest fruits and vegetables

Some of the children have been enjoying exploring and drawing a range of fruits and vegetables today during their Discovery Time. They drew using pastels and looked carefully at the colours and patterns they could see.

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