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Forest School

What an absolutely fantastic afternoon we had at Forest School! The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves building dens, learning about different trees and making elder beads to make jewellery with next week.

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Sports Day practice

The whole school enjoyed their practice for Sports Day today!

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Pattern spotting

To extend our learning about doubling numbers, we have been looking for patterns in numbers when we double.

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Double trouble!

This week we are learning about doubling numbers, with the help of the fabulous Numberblocks! We have also enjoyed using ‘magic mirrors’ to double quantities.



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Welcome back to Term 6!

We hope you all had a wonderful break and we are all looking forward to the exciting events that are coming up this term!

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Maths Bingo!

We have spotted some AMAZING addition and subtraction skills today during Discovery Time, where the Rainbow Fish were choosing how to solve equations using different equipment to help, including tens frames, counters, their fingers, Numicon or number lines.

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What is the missing number?

The Rainbow Fish have been practising their number skills by playing games to identify missing numbers in a number line. Sometimes the number line started from a number other than one, which made it even trickier!

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Growing cress

We have been learning that plants need water and light to grow by growing our own cress!

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Mile Run

Today the whole school enjoyed their first ‘Mile Run’ of 2019!

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The Rainbow Fish really enjoyed their gymnastics workshop today. They were able to practise their balancing, travelling and jumping skills – well done Rainbow Fish!

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