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Non fiction books

This week the Rainbow Fish have been using non fiction books to learn facts about minibeasts, using the pictures to help them answer questions. Some children have even explored using the contents page to help them to navigate each book.

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Counting in 2s

We have been busy practising counting in 2s in different ways….

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Seabrook Library

Following our trip to Hythe Library, the children decided they would like to create a library in our classroom! They have very much enjoyed taking different roles in the library and have been busy practising their reading in there too!

Evil Peas on the loose!

Today we returned to our classroom to discover that the Evil Peas had escaped and caused havoc! Those poor vegetables! In order to assist Supertato in rescuing them, we set to work to design and create our own Evil Pea traps! Fantastic and inventive ideas all round, well done Rainbow Fish.

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Hythe Library visit

We had a lovely time at Hythe Library this morning. We had a chance to ask the librarian questions and to look at a range of books, before catching the bus back to school again. Thank you for having us Hythe Library!

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The children are very much enjoying the story of Supertato this week. We had great fun today making our own Supertatos, creating superhero costumes for them using different materials. We then thought about what the characters from the story might have been saying and wrote our own story speech bubbles! Your Supertatos look amazing Rainbow Fish, well done!

Some of the children chose to create their own Supertato adventures during Discovery Time….


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Royal Wedding

The children arrived in school this morning bubbling with excited talk of the Royal Wedding that they had all watched over the weekend. During Discovery Time, some of the children chose to re-enact the wedding, with our outdoor mock up of St George’s Chapel! Fantastic imagination and discussion all round!


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Space party

What fun we had today at our space party! The Rainbow Fish have spent the last week planning our party, including making invitations for each other. Today we enjoyed decorating galaxy cupcakes with chocolate stars, playing party games, dancing and having a picnic outside in the sun!


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Make sure it’s fair!

In order to learn about ‘sharing’ (the foundations of division) we had a toy’s tea party outside today! The children had to share the biscuits out fairly between the tea party guests, trying to work out what should happen if there were not enough biscuits to share them out fairly. Super problem solving Rainbow Fish!

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Double trouble

This week our focus in maths is ‘doubling’, looking at what it means to double quantities. Today we had fun using ‘magic mirrors’ to practise our doubling skills!

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